Defkalion Green Technologies new website and how they plan to commercial the Rossi Energy Catalyzer

The architecture of the kW Hyperion products is based on the simplified design above: area A is the E-Cat, area B is a hydrogen canister under pressure, areas C consists of the electronics that monitor and control the safety conditions of the operation as well as the security of the product against any unauthorized use.

Defkalion Green Technologies has a new website and a white paper that discusses their company overview, market strategy and global positioning (11 pages) Have not seen anything yet that will convert any people who are skeptical.

Defkalion Green Technologies s.a. was established for the purpose to manufacture and release to the market products based on the Andrea Rossi E-Cat invention; essentially undertaking the path from invention to industrialization on a global scale. There is no government financing involved.

Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies (Global) Ltd., is based in Cyprus; it owns the contract signed with the inventor regarding the industrial secret with right of first refusal to sell globally except the US.

These two companies work towards preparing an efficient and competitive market entry of its products (Hyperion) initially into the Greek market, and then with maximum efficiency to the Balkans and worldwide.

The technology is currently in its final stages of becoming an industrialized and
commercially viable prototype. This forms the basis for a broad range of products under the commercial name Hyperion. The current range of products produces surplus energy from 6 to 30 times more heat than energy consumed during its operation. Licensing of all Hyperion products is in progress. A fully functioning 1MW heat producing reactor will be inaugurated in Q4 of 2011.

Defkalion Green Technologies has taken the Andrea Rossi E-Cat and created its products around it. Our products produce heat only – not electricity. Our current product line ranges from kW units (5 – 30kW) to MW units (1.15 – 3.45 MW). The actual E-Cat forms only the kernel of our products; it is the black-box so to speak. Building around the ECat, we have developed a complex unity of machinery and electronics that comprise the overall product, which we have named Hyperion.

Area A is the E-Cat and consists of:
• Metal tube(s) charged with Nickel and catalysts where the reaction with
hydrogen occurs inside to produce heat ranging from 5 up to 30KWh/h.
• A thermally closed circuit (typically glycol) to drive the produced heat out of the
module which cools the tube. This is integrated with a cooling liquid circulatorpump
(inverted- controlled by unit’s electronics) in area C.
• A sealed (isolated thermal and led) internal box
• An electric radiator to heat the tube which starts the reaction consuming less
than 0,5kW/h


Our first factory is already in preparation phase, located in Xanthi, Northern Greece. It has the following characteristics:
• 6,000m2 space
• Maximum production capacity of 300,000 units annually (kW and MW products)
• IT for monitoring the production line and product support
• Technical support to distribution channels

The assembly of products will include the following activities:
• Assembly of reactors (purchased from Defkalion)
• Build-up of final product (electronics, heat management, etc)
• Quality Control and Total Quality Management and Environmental Control
• Stress Tests and Functional Tests of end products
• Recharging of units
• Recycling procedures

The second factory is scheduled to be built in Xanthi within 2012, comprising of
12,000m2 for a larger assembly line. A third factory, belonging to Praxen Defkalion
Green Technologies (Global) Ltd., shall operate as the producer of the industrial secret as the products’ kernel.

It should be noted that larger and smaller factories can become operational according to market size.

Hyperion Products

Although Hyperion models produce only heat energy, electricity can be generated with
the application of existing third party technology.
With regards to electricity generation, consumers will be able to receive a total solution
based on mutually confirmed interoperability with third party technologies such as
steam turbines and micro-steam turbines, Rankin new generation CHP, as well as
intelligent heat management systems.
Hyperion products have different configurations, most notably:
• Series A: Single tube single module CHP: By this configuration, 5-10Kw heat
power will be released to operate micro-CHP/micro turbine configurations
• Series B: Multi tube single module CHP: By this configuration, multiples of 5 or
10Kw heat power (max 30kW) can be integrated in the same box , when product
has to operate (heat) bigger CHP/micro-CHP or steam turbine configurations
• Series C: Single tube single module heat only: By this configuration, 5-10Kw heat
power will be released to operate small steam or hot water demands such as
agricultural applications (green houses)
• Series D: Multi tube single module heat only: By this configuration, multiples of
5Kw heat power can be integrated in the same box , when product has to
produce substantial amounts of heat for energy demanding applications
• Series E: Single or multi tube modules in parallel: To face the energy demands of
big industrial installations at the range of MWs. Such products consists of arrays
of A, B, or D series rack-mounted
• Series F: Single or multi tube modules in series: To accelerate power in different
All kW range products have the following dimensions: 55x45x35cm
All MW range products are built within a 20” sized container
All products are connected to Defkalion main computers through on-line GSM for

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