Defkalion internal tests of the Rossi Energy Catalyzer on their forum

A Defkalion company representative is answering questions on the Defkalion forum.

Defkalion is commercializing the Rossi Energy Catalyzer.

A big number of in house lab prototype e-cat tests have been successfully concluded by Defkalion GT during the previous months. As far as we know, there are no any more third party testing or demos scheduled on lab prototype e-cats (similar to Kullander or other) till November.

At the moment there are no other third party testing on Hyperion Products other than the ones in progress by the Greek Authorities.

Results of these official tests on performance, stability, functionality and safety will be released following the issuing of the final Certificates by the Greek Authorities

Any other scheduled before end of October third-party-tests on Hyperion products and their results (including data, protocols etc) will be announced and published through DGT official site


Cold Fusion now – Greek authorities will be testing DGT’s Hyperion products for performance, stability, functionality, and safety during the first 10 days of July. The results of those tests will be released after the authorities certify the products. The results of any other third-party tests on the Hyperion products before the October launch will be announced by DGT and published on their website.

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