Discussion of the recent and planned Mach Effect Experiments

Woodward, Brito, Mahood, White and Paul March have been trying to verify Mach Effect for propulsion over the last twenty years.

Paul March explains –

Hector Brito’s battery powered MLT like devices, which were completely self contained, have also observed generated vxB forces on the order of tens of micro-Newtons where none should have been observed if there wasn’t something real to this phenomenon.

Woodward’s ARC-Lite Torque Pendulum’s power feeds are brought through liquid metal contacts that can NOT transmit mechanical torques or linear forces. So in effect Woodward’s ARC-Lite experiments are already running as an isolated force system. But I understand that one could point to electrical and/or magnetic fields “MIGHT” be bridging the liquid metal gaps in Jim’s thrust system, so I point you back to Brito’s battery powered experimental results.

My current MLT-2011 ~2.0 MHz experiment will be completely self-contained, being powered by a 33V, 1.0 Amp-hr Li-Poly battery pack that should give it approximately a total 20 minute runtime between charges. I hope to have that experiment on a thrust stand by the end of this year.

M-E does allow and in fact requires momentum and energy flows going both forwards and backwards through time, becuase it IS posited as a radiation reaction force. It’s weird, but so is gravity and inertia, so one just has to deal with this weirdness if we are to make any progress beyond the rocket paradigm…

In regards to passing energy and momentum bidirectionally through space AND time, Einstein’s GRT requires this kind of 4-D analysis for any complete accounting of the situation. The mainstream physics community IMO, has yet comes to grips with this reality, and since GRT continues to pass all the experimental tests thrown its way, ref Gravity Probe-B and a host of other tests of same, we as a community had better start observing these GRT realities that have been staring at us now for close to a century.



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