EIU predicts continued growth in nuclear power

1. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) sees a decade of growth for nuclear power with only a marginal impact from the Fukushima accident. They reduced their expectations for global nuclear capacity in 2020, but the figure still grows by 27% compared to 2010.

Net nuclear capacity, GWe
                 2010       2015       2020
USA             101.1      103.4      109.0 
France           63.3       64.8       66.4 
Japan            46.8       45.0       44.7 
Russia           22.7       29.7       41.0 
Germany          20.5       11.7        9.0 
South Korea      18.7       24.2       28.1 
Ukraine          13.1       13.1       16.2 
Canada           12.6       12.6       15.0 
UK               11.0        9.6       12.7 
China            10.1       37.1       63.1 
Top ten users   319.8      351.2      405.2 

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

I think there will be more generation in China. India should have about 20 GWe of nuclear power by 2020 which would put them about 6th on the list of nuclear generating countries.

2. Construction of a third nuclear power reactor at Pakistan’s Chashma site officially started on 29 May, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The Chashma Nuclear Power Plant unit 3, also known as Chasnupp 3, is a 340 MWe pressurized water reactor (PWR) being constructed by China. It is expected to start commercial operation in 2016

3. The progressive restart of processing operations at the Ranger uranium mine will begin on 15 June following the end of wet season rains, Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) announced. A 12-week suspension of operations at the mine began in late January as a precaution to help ensure that water levels in the plant’s tailings storage facility remained below the authorised operating limit throughout the wet season. In mid-April, ERA extended this suspension until late July due to a wetter than average rainy season in Northern Territory.
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