Intel talks about 8 nanometer nodes for 2015 or 2017

At Research@Intel Day Intel was talking a lot about its upcoming 22nm process technology, but in a meeting with European press Intel’s Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner talked about 14 nm and 8 nm nodes (H/T to readers Daniel and Chrisc62)

The 14nm node is scheduled to debut in about 2 years (2013), but also about 8nm, that he said was on track about 18 months after the 14 nm release (beginning of 2015).

Justin Rattner also discussed future exotic devices using GaAs, something that Intel would not have talked about several years back but according to Rattner the new 3D process technology makes it a lot easier to integrate GaAs into mainstream chip.

A slide from 2010 showed 8 nm in 2017. The new claim is two years sooner.

37 page presentation of Intel Moscow work from 2009

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