Liveblogging Foresight 2011 – Highlight on Nanotech enabled Sustainable Development Efforts in Asia

Managing Director of Zyvex Asia

Lerwin Liu

Asia nano Forum


Nanotech National Initiatives

Atom Technology Plan Japan $250 million (10 year)

China 10th 5 year plan
Japan 2nd Basic Plan
Korea: KNI Phase 1 (2001-2005)

Taiwan and Korea mimic NNI but has long term plans

China $100 million per year
12th 5 year plan Nanopolic Suzhou

Commercialization strategies in Asia

Japan $1 billion year
Korea $250 million per year

Europe, Asia and United States about equal funding at $7.5-8.5 billion each region over 2006-2010. Asia in total is now ahead in overall funding

Korea Science Park
Japan Tsukuba Innovation Arena for Nanotech (TIA Nano)
Taiwan ITRI, National Nanotech Bridge Program
China Nanopolis Suzhou (1 square kilometer area)
China IOT WuXi (Wuxi solar city, MEMS focused, internet of things)

Energy/Solar, Manufacturing, Electronics
Targeted 46% with concentrated PV, LED OLED etc…
Taiwan Thermoelectronics

Nanocarbon, printed electronics, flexible display, MEMS


Japan X-ray free electron laser (looking at chemical reactions)

Japan looking at Green and life innovations for 2011-2015
Life innovation- preventative medicine
Japan is targeting 5% GDP R and D investment for 2020

Printed electronics and power electronics lead by Samsung

12” process setup

printed electronics program ($19 milion), organic electronics

GA-N on SI program $17 million

China catching up with strong support from regional governments

Nanopolis Suzhou Initiative

Application focused initiative from ministry science and technology (MOST)

US$1.5 billion, 70% overseas Chinese faculty, 1.5 square kilometer
9 company spinoffs already

nanocharacterization and testing platform 24/7nano manufacturing platform

printed electronics

Three focuses
1. Micro and nano manufacturing



SVG optronics Co Ltd
100nm to 100 micron structure fabrication
unique roll to roll nano imprinting

$30 million in sales and profitable
not the best tech but profitable

Suzhou Nanowin co Ltd

Suzhou Natong Bionanotech (Nanomed)
Nanoneedles for skin disease

10 year commercialization plans

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