Multi Gbps Wifi in 2012

New multi-gigabit per second wifi is coming in 2012.

EEE 802.11aa: Robust streaming of Audio Video Transport Streams (about Mar 2012)
IEEE 802.11ac: Very High Throughput less than 6 GHz; potential improvements over 802.11n: better modulation scheme (expected ~10% throughput increase); wider channels (80 or even 160 MHz), multi user MIMO; (about Dec 2012)
IEEE 802.11ad: Very High Throughput 60 GHz (~ Dec 2012)
IEEE 802.11ae: QoS Management (~ Dec 2011)
IEEE 802.11af: TV Whitespace (~ Mar 2012)
IEEE 802.11ah: Sub 1Ghz (~ July 2013)
IEEE 802.11ai: Fast Initial Link Setup

Speeds of past and future wifi standards

802.11b with a data-transfer speed of 11 megabits per second.
802.11g at 54Mbps
802.11n top speed of 450Mbps [NOW]
802.11ac at 1 gigabit per second [about Dec 2012] uses 5 GHz spectrum, coverage range of a house or with antennas similar to earlier wifi
802.11ad at 7 Gbps. [about Dec 2012] uses 60 GHz spectrum, range of coverage about one room. With antennas can get farther but tougher to get more range.

60 GHz spectrum is faster but the signals are stopped by water, by air, by walls.

InStat expects about 800 million mobile phones will ship with the technology by 2015, 200 million tablets and millions of ebook readers and wifi enabled cars.

ABI Research forecasts nearly two million 60 GHz chipset shipments in 2015.

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