Single Atom Imaging of DNA Sequencing ‘…just look at the thing!

“Single Atom Imaging of DNA Sequencing ‘…just look at the thing!'”
Andrew Bleloch, PhD, Head of Microscopy, Halcyon Molecular

All things are made of atoms (the most important info to pass on in case of a cataclysm of science death. Feynmann)

100,000 point mutations for some cancers

Need better than 99.9999% accuracy in gene sequencing

Heavy atoms for contrast agents for electron microscope

Halcyon developed a molecular threader
Drop a needle into solution containing DNA, and place it on a platform.
Right concentration of solution and right character of the needle.
Can place long strands of DNA on a substrate

Need glasses for the electron microscope (like looking through a wine glass)

STEM microscope and $500,000 component aberration corrector (2 times better).

Imaging a DNA strand directly.
Chemical labels with heavy metal ions
Those heavy metal ions an be imaged directly and can bind to specific sequences
Can be sensitive to the methylation. Sequence the genome first and then tag and record the methlation.

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