Apple closes in on being the most valuable company in the world

Apple has a valuation of $369 billion (as the stock price closes on $400 per share) At $449 per share (if Exxon Mobil remained shares were flat), Apple would be the world’s most valuable company.

Apple is worth more than Microsoft ($235 billion) and Intel ($122 billion) combined.
Apple is close to the value of Google ($199 billion) and Walmart ($187 billion) combined.

Apple is 12% away from the valuation of Exxon Mobile ($416 billion, the most valuable American Company).

Microsoft (Bill Gates) is worth $235 billion and Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet is worth $178 billion. Apple is 11% away from being worth more than those two companies.

Steve Jobs has 1.7% of Disney. Disney is worth $76.6 billion. Apple and Disney combined are worth $446 billion.

Financial Analysts have 12 months forecasts $468 to 666 per share. At any valuation in that range, Apple will easily be worth more than the next two technology companies (IBM and Microsoft combined). At the high end, Apple would likely start getting close to the valuation of Exxon Mobil and PetroChina (the next two most valuable companies worldwide.)

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