Brillouin Energy will replicate a Government Lab and discusses the Rossi Energy Catalyzer

Cold Fusion Now reports that Brillouin Energy is fielding calls from new investors and will now be working with government Lab to replicate Brillouin’s work. First, a confirmation report from a nationally recognized lab, and then the funds.

Update – I have spoken to Robert E. Godes. President and Chief Technology Officer
Brillouin Energy Corp. He confirmed that they will be working with a government lab. He named a researcher at a government lab who independently replicated some of their work which confirmed nuclear processes. There will be follow up to investigate further.

CFN You are also using nickel-hydrogen system for your reactor. How does your design and process differ from Andrea Rossi’s?

REG The IP [Intellectual Property] I filed in 1995 includes some aspects of what Rossi is doing, but there are problems in trying to move the technology he is developing into production. He may have trouble meeting his deadline for the 1MW reactor as it could be difficult transferring the technology to other licensees for production.

He had a smiler problem with a potentially great technology doing direct thermal to electrical conversion. The manpower needed to produce and tweak Rossi units will limit profit margins. He would have a much easier time doing small units consisting of single devices for consumers, but insurance companies will not allow home use due to safety issues. The safety issues with the Rossi device will not likely have to do with radiation. Brillouin Energy Corp. (BEC) technology will be more reliable making it the market winner. Safety issue #1: we use the hydrogen out of ordinary water (H2O) in the form of water.

The technology BEC is developing will be easier to manufacture and transfer to licensees for market penetration and get approval for commercial and consumer use. I have significant experience in moving products from engineering to production with involvement in some products being produced at more than 100K units / year.

We only started working with the pressurized unit in Q2 2010. However we have already identified a large number of the variables that need to be controlled and how to control them. When we start production I expect it will be a much smoother ramp up than what Rossi is facing right now.

We have identified several variables that need to be controlled and ways to control them. Once we have access to the capital, we will be able to automate the process refinement and have several units to run the development in parallel. Till then, we are still making progress and figuring out how to best leverage the equipment we have.

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