Carnival of Nuclear Energy 62

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 62 is up at Idaho Samizdat

Atomic Insights – A little radiation can delay cancer until after you are dead

There is an article titled Toward Improved Ionizing Radiation Safety Standards from the July 2011 issue of Health Physics, a peer-reviewed journal about radiation safety.

The article explains in clear, but scientific terms, how radiation at low average levels can result in increasing the latency period of cancer development past the end of a natural lifespan. We all have the potential for developing cancer, but we also have finite lives. Dr. Raabe’s research has led him to the conclusion that low average doses of radiation that might add up to a substantial cumulative dose do not kill off cancer cells, but they delay the ability of those cells to do any real damage until after their host organism is dead from other causes anyway.

Update on China and Russian work on fast neutron reactors. China’s experimental fast neutron reactor has been connected to the electricity grid. Two Russian BN-800 reactors are to start construction in August 2011, probably at a coastal site

India’s Tumalapalli uranium mine near the state capital Hyderabad is scheduled to begin operating by late 2011, could provide up to 150,000 tons of uranium. This will solve India’s uranium supply issues for 10-20 years.

Nuclear fission is one of ten ways to have a big impact on green house gas and black carbon emissions.

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