Defkalion has an email that describes terms for Rossi e-cat dealers in other countries

Defkalion who own the rights for the highly controversial Rossi-Focardi energy catalyzer is offering dealerships

– as of July 6, 2011 Defkalion has received expressions of interest from 63
countries and more than 850 companies

Defkalion international sales approach is as follows:
* We sell the rights to manufacture our products exclusively to one company
for a given country at a fixed royalty price of 40.5 million Euros per factory
producing 300,000 units annually.

Within this price, we will:
* Provide the blueprints to establish the factory according to our international standardized plans, including all details for the machinery/ software / technical know-how used in the factory.
* Provide transfer-of-knowledge (production, technical, after sales, maintenance) both in Greece as well as on location
* Additional royalties are paid to us for each product sold
* We sell and deliver the industrial secret as a component to the final product in a black box, plug-and-play module.
* Local company partnerships, marketing, points of sales, technical support remains the responsibility of the country rights holder.
* If additional factories need to be built, the same principles remain.
* Our business and pricing is structured to create lucrative win-win opportunities
for all.

Regarding time-line and milestones for those interested to proceed in talks:
* Initial meeting in Athens during July and August (except 14-20 July and
10-20 August) to discuss and sign preliminary expression of interest contract,
whereby the opportunity to secure the exclusive rights will be given.
* Meeting in our factory during October to inspect and verify kW units
* Meeting in our factory during December to inspect and verify MW units

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