Doctor Frankenstein but in a good way with double leg transplant from cadaver

Leg transplant: The bones were attached first followed by the tendons and nerves. It is possible the patient will be able to feel their legs again in a year Graphic courtesy of El Mundo

The world’s first-ever double leg transplant has been carried out successfully in Valencia’s La Fe hospital at the hands of ace surgeon Pedro Cavadas, who has already transplanted hands, arms, feet and even faces.

Daily Mail UK – The doctors at La Fe Hospital in Valencia, led by Dr Pedro Cavadas, first connected the bones of the legs to the patient’s stumps, which were both cut off at mid-thigh. They then implanted the nerves and muscles. It will then take at least a month to see if the nerves will function properly, as neurons grow around an inch a day.The team are also anxious to see whether the muscles will develop enough strength to hold the patient’s weight. It is likely the patient will be able to feel his legs after a year. He will have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life.

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