IEA Monthly energy statistics through April, 2011

Monthly Electricity Statistics from the IEA through April, 2011

Electricity production was 771.5 TWh in April 2011.
– This was higher by 8.5 TWh, or 1.1%, compared to April 2010.
– This was a decrease of 91.3 TWh, or 10.6%, compared to the previous month.
– Nuclear production showed the most significant percentage change compared to the previous month with a decrease of 13.7%, or 25.5 TWh.

Nuclear production was down 6.5 TWh versus April, 2010.

The United States had a lot of refueling in May, 2011

U.S. nuclear generation in May was 15 percent lower than the same month in 2010. For the first five months of 2011, U.S. nuclear plants generated 313.6 billion kWh, 4.0 percent lower than 2010. The May capacity factor was 75.0 percent compared to 88.7 percent in 2010 and 87.0 percent in 2009.

Japan’s electricity generated and purchased from nuclear power in June 2011 was very low as expected.

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