Maverick Calgary Quantum company Ingenuity touts ‘breakthrough’ technologies

A Calgary-based research and development company says it has developed a number of “breakthrough” technologies that would reduce costs in the oilpatch while at the same time being environmentally-friendly. Derya Yinanc, chief executive and chairman of Quantum Ingenuity Inc., said the company is in negotiations with “multiple major energy firms.”

Quantum Ingenuity has achieved breakthroughs in clean coal technology, sustainable hydrogen production, and sustainable ethylene and acetylene production.

Quantum Ingenuity has done research work in the areas of heavy oil upgrading and refining, biodiesel production, heavy oil transportation, methanol fuel cells and heavy oil extraction.

Room temperature, room pressure upgrading has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

Next Generation Biodiesel Production

Quantum Ingenuity identified a new family of heterogeneous catalyst when added during biodiesel production cycle improve the speed of biodiesel production from hours to minutes and virtually eliminating by-product settling time by causing reaction to auto-separate. We also achieved a system that can simultaneously esterify and transesterify lipids to FAME biodiesel.

Our invention is the only true continuous biodiesel production system in the world and it achieves these goals through the addition of our proprietary catalyst that speed up the alcoholysis process by at least two orders of magnitude.

Simultaneous esterification and transesterification allows us to use any feedstock that batch or ultrasonic processes can use and it reduces the importance of pre-treatment of high FFA content oils. This yields very significant economic benefits in terms of much reduced CAPEX (due to reduced waiting tanks and piping) as well as reduced OPEX (due to reduced reaction times and energy requirement). It is our opinion that with the novel heterogenenous catalyst family we identified as part of our invention will make our production system de-facto biodiesel production method in the world.

Quantum Ingenuity’s Heavy Oil Extraction Technology

Quantum Ingenuity discovered a novel mechanism for releasing water-wet or hydrocarbon-wet bitumen from oil sands without utilizing any water or heat. Resulting end product is far superior to what is being produced from existing oil sands operations while causing no tailing ponds and very minimal environmental footprint.

Our system while passing multiple third-party validations is extremely ideal to operate in environments where water and energy is difficult to come-by such as mid-western United States, regions of Canada far away from Athabasca river basin, frozen steppes of Russia and Venezuelan Orinico Belt.

Our further development and demonstration scale production system involves building a 50-barrel per day production system followed by a 5,000 barrel unit.

Globe and Mail Interview – Of all your technologies, what are you most focused on?

Methane hydrates extraction, without a doubt. By producing methane at a fraction of today’s cost, it would change the world as we know it – energy, transportation, everything would be different. Up to this point, it has been called the crude oil epoch. The next age will be the age of natural gas. Everything we will be using will be based on that. Methane hydrates contain more natural gas than anything else on the planet.

Quantum Ingenuity’s Heavy Oil Transportation Technology

Quantum Ingenuity developed a novel diluent replacement product that mimics identical performance characteristics to NGLs in terms of diluting bitumen. Our system can be utilized at a cost of approximately half of current diluent application costs ($3-$5 vs $6-$10 per barrel). Our third party validated tests indicate that we can convert a 2,600,000 cST and 1014 kg/m3 (7 API) Athabasca bitumen to 1,000 cST and 923.5 kg/m3 (24 API) utilizing our system. These values indicate that we can take very highly viscous bitumen and convert it to a pipeline acceptable product while simultaneously reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact very substantially.

Moreover, diluent replacement system can be deployed with minimal capital expenditure and stay in production independent of crude oil prices. It is our ardent belief that once industry adoption takes place, there will be no place for expensive NGLs in heavy oil production.

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