New LED bulb has the same color light as an incandescent bulb but uses about 5 times less electricity

SLATE – Compact-fluorescent bulbs, are awful. They’ve got three main shortcomings:
* They’re ugly;
* they contain mercury,
* they put out harsh, white light that many people find unbearable.

Light from an incandescent bulb matches the light from a new Switch LED bulb.

With our unique City of Light™ Technology, Switch delivers the best of both worlds: bright, warm, incandescent-quality light in a bulb that dramatically reduces energy consumption and costs. It even rivals the incandescent in functionality — with uniform light dispersion, consistent color and a standard A19 form factor that works in any orientation. Switch can be used in most standard lighting fixtures, from floor lamps to overhead lights, and is an ideal choice for residential, commercial or hospitality settings.

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Switch’s 60-watt-replacement bulb will sell for about $20, and the 75-watt and 100-watt replacements will cost slightly more. As LEDs are mass-produced over time, their prices will plummet. A year from now, Switch’s 60-watt-equivalent bulb should sell for under $15, and could hit $10 the year after that.

On average, an incandescent bulb lasts about 1,000 hours—that’s about a year, if you keep it on for about three hours a day. Electricity in America also costs about 11 cents per kilowatt hour (that’s the average; it varies widely by region).

A 50-cent, 60-watt incandescent bulb will use about $6.60 in electricity every year.

Switch’s 60-watt-equivalent LED, meanwhile, uses only 13 watts of power, so it will cost only $1.43 per year.

The Switch bulb also has an average lifespan of 20,000 hours—20 years. If you count the price of replacing the incandescent bulb every year, the Switch bulb will have saved you money by its fourth year.

Over 20 years, you’ll have spent a total of about $142 for the incandescent bulbs (for electricity and replacement bulbs) and less than $50 for Switch’s 60-watt bulb.

In 2 years, a $10 cost would have a payback of 2 years for energy savings and lack of replacement to make the new LED the better buy.

The color of the light matches and the size and shape are as before.

LED Magazine coverage

* Replacement lamp design relies on inert liquid for cooling allowing Switch Lighting to drive the LEDs at higher current achieving greater brightness with fewer components.

* The lamps have a 2750K warm-white color temperature and a CRI of 85. The lamps are rated for 18 years of life based on three hours of usage per day. Switch claims the 75W replacement lamp will deliver $140 in energy savings over the life of the product relative to a 75W incandescent.

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