Off topic – Wendy Deng Profile

The UK Guardian has a profile of Wendi Deng (wife of Rupert Murdoch who defended him from someone attempting to Rupert with a pie

Deng is a former school volleyball champion in China’s southern city of Guangzhou. In keeping with her keen interest in physical fitness, Deng, worked at a Los Angeles gymnastics academy (in the 1990s) where she acted as a liaison between the gym’s Chinese coaching staff and parents of the children who attended.

She is also, it would seem, the media mogul’s greatest protector.

As committee member Tom Watson observed once the protester was arrested and normal service was resumed: “Mr Murdoch, your wife has a very good left hook.”

The Murdoch father and son were nearing the end of more than two hours of questioning when there was a sudden commotion. A woman’s voice could be heard shouting “no, no, no” as the shaving-cream assailant, Jonathan May-Bowles, walked up to Rupert Murdoch, took aim and struck.

Deng lunged while startled police officers were barely off the back foot. While a roomful of male advisers also appeared stunned, she scooped up the paper plate fired at her husband and launched it like a grenade back at May-Bowles, a comedian, with an amazing right hook.

Such was the force of her shot that the foam directed at her husband’s face landed on a police officer and on her own blue-painted toes.

Witnesses believed that if it wasn’t for that officer she would have continued round the table to finish the man off.

She capped this performance by proceeding to sit on the table in front of her husband, calmly wiping his foam-flecked face.

That she reportedly laughed “I got him”, relishing the moment she swung a right hook at the comedian, indicates Deng is no shrinking violet – more Crouching Tiger, according to members of her instant global fan club.

Her actions sent Twitterers into frenzy. “Wow, wendy [sic] murdoch giving whole new meaning to the term tiger mother … insanity!” tweeted the US TV news anchor Katie Couric.

Another tweeted: “OMG! Wendi Murdoch just crouching tigered across 2 people and head whacked a guy trying to pie Rupert! THAT is good TV!”

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