Robert E Godes explains Brillouin energy and a government lab

Robert E Godes has explained what Brillouin Energy is and will be doing with a government Lab in the comments to one of my prior articles

Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC) technology uses the hydrogen in ordinary water in a nuclear process that produces no hazardous waste. The process stimulates a Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) in a catalyst. This process creates low energy neutrons. The neutrons generate heat as they are captured, building heavier elements.

BED is using a process with some similarities to Rossi energy catalyzer. They are not getting as much energy gain (a little more than double right now, but are targeting getting more than triple as they improve the current system). They are working at a few hundred watts (so about ten times less than what Rossi is claiming).

As for the nature of the experiments at a government lab, I [Robert Godes] only learned of them late in the day on Friday July 1 2011 and [scientist] was on his way out on a trip. He told me the experiment used 2 meters of .1mm Pd wire and 10A pulses. Started with high purity D and produced “lots of tritium.”

Robert Godes sent him the following


I am looking forward to helping with the [lab] replication of BEC experiments. It would be helpful if you could send me an email with information about the experiments you have already performed and results with current pulses and gas loading.

His reply yesterday July 8 2011
I will do, but first we have to get a (classification review).

[scientist] at [government lab] was able to demonstrate nuclear reactions using a test he put together based on the brillouin energy PPT.

Also from Robert Godes –

The Widom Larsen theory lacks a viable explanation for the source of low energy neutrons. This lack of explanation means they have no idea how to drive the reaction. I think they draw attention away from these facts by delving into excessive formalism.

Do you think your research will be badly impacted if Rossi’s device is a scam?

Research – No. Funding – Yes. What Rossi is doing is real but IMHO not practically scalable. I don’t “know” that he changed from 125 x 10Kw units to 300 4.5Kw units for the 1MW system, but I would guess it was due to process variability. Some of the 10Kw units produced 30-50Kw and others only did 5Kw. He found that smaller units had less variability but now he has to juggle 300 instead of 125. If he understood the reaction he would not be on the path he is on. If he asks BEC for help getting into production I know how to solve many of the problems he is having. I am sure we could work out some sort of licensing agreement.

Pressure of Brillouin Steam

The pressure vessel is running at ~1500 right now. No steam, we are using Mobiltherm 603 as the heat transfer fluid. T1 is post boost pump and just after the positive displacement flow meter. T2 is at the exit of the heat exchanger. We are using mass flow and delta T to calculate heat transfer.

How far from commercial product

That depends largely on how long it takes to get the capital necessary to complete development. If we were to obtain $5M today products would likely start to hit the market in 3 to 5 years. Could be a lot sooner if every thing goes exactly as planed, but then there is reality.