Two Ukrainian coal mine accidents have 27 deaths and 10 are still missing and the US has had 14 miner deaths in 2011

1. Rescue workers have found seven more bodies at two Ukrainian coal mines where accidents occurred, raising the death toll to 27.

The accidents in the eastern regions shocked the country and highlighted the dangers of the nation’s mining industry. It is believed to be one of the world’s most dangerous because of outdated equipment and disregard for safety regulations.

The government said Saturday that Friday’s pre-dawn blast at the Suhodilska-Eastern mine in the Luhansk region killed 20 workers, including one body found Saturday. Investigators suspect the accident was caused by an explosion of methane.

In the Donetsk region, rescue workers at the site of an elevator collapse found four more bodies Saturday, raising the death toll there to seven.

Ten people are still missing.

2. In the USA Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) said Thursday that as of June 30, eight miners were killed at coal mines, while six died in metal and nonmetal mines. This is an all time low for a half year but even one death is too many.

Three of the coal miners died in machinery accidents, two died in power-haulage accidents and two died in rib falls, or partial collapses of the mine walls.

The eighth coal miner died in an 8-foot fall from a steel beam onto a conveyor belt.

3. Nearly 70 miners were trapped underground and at least eight have died in a spate of mining accidents that have jolted China’s dangerous mine industry in recent days Four miners were killed in a gas explosion in a mine in western-most China’s Xinjiang region Thursday, with one seriously injured. Meanwhile the death toll in a flooded mine in south China’s Guangxi province rose to four, with 18 still trapped while rescuers worked frantically to save free them. n east China’s Shandong province Thursday, the number of miners trapped in a coal mine in Zaozhuang city dropped to 28, following efforts to save workers stuck in the shaft following a Wednesday night fire.

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