Defkalion claims they have an Energy Catalyzer that will commercialized as planned

PESN – Defkalion states that their Hyperion products are a highly engineered advancement of the initial lab version of Rossi’s E-Cat concept, and that Rossi signed off on all their improvements, and that they are preparing to launch product as planned.

There are significant differences between an e-cat (as a lab prototype system) and a Hyperion (as a final product), even though both are built around the same kernel (reactor), as invented by Andrea Rossi.

Meanwhile Rossi has claimed that he has a US based business partner and will also commercialize his cold fusion reactors.

These differences of Hyperion products with e-cats are mainly, but are not limited to, the following:

* Materials used in thermal isolation of different subsystems
* The cooling system of the reactor
* The heating management system, based on on-line, controlled by Hyperion’s PLCs, ultrasonic calorimeters/thermocouples and specially designed PLC-driven pumps
* The coolants in use
* The security systems of the products
* The tele-monitoring system of the products
* The handling of Hydrogen according to the highest anti-explosive EU specs

Defkalion Green Technologies has designed, built and tested the materials and components for the final Hyperion products that are based on the same kernels (reactors) as of Andrea Rossi’s e-cats. Their official testing, certification and approval by the Greek Authorities is still in progress.

Defkalion is preparing all of its labs, the industrial production lines and support systems needed for the Hyperion kW range and MW range of products as designed, following all Andrea Rossi’s specs on instruments and production machinery, including specialized systems necessary for the preparation, on an industrial scale, of the ingredients placed within the reactor. These are built by Defkalion’s scientists and technicians, following the standards, specifications and designs provided and approved by Andrea Rossi himself.

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