GPU Minisupercomputers starting at $99,000 for 13.5 peak teraflops

HP has just launched the GPU Starter Kit, which makes it easier and more affordable than ever to put the power of a supercomputer in the hands of researchers everywhere. The Kit is a fully preconfigured cluster of HP servers accelerated by NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

It’s a pre-configured cluster of eight HP Proliant SL390 servers with 24 NVIDIA Tesla M2070 GPUs. The servers have 32-cores of additional CPU power along with the GPUs. The M2070 GPU is a Fermi-based part, with 6GB of RAM per GPU.

The $99,000 retail price tag is 50 percent below the typical list price. (HPC Wire) The kit also contains unspecified development tools that have been provided at substantial discounts.

The system delivers 13.5 teraflops of peak performance

NVIDIA Tesla-based solutions, such as the HP ProLiant SL390s, typically accelerate applications by 10 times.

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