Sony Announces 3D 720p OLED-Based Head Mounted Display

Sony is launching a head mounted display HMZ-T1, an upcoming display that uses two OLED screens to produce a 720p 3D picture right in front of your eyes.

* two 0.7-inch OLED displays show twin 1280-by-720 images, producing a high definition 3D picture with no crosstalk

* This simulates a 150-inch 3D HDTV seen from 12 feet away

* Expected to be in stores by Christmas with a price of about US$780.

It has very fast (0.01 millisecond) response times, rendering smooth life-like video of the fast-moving images in games or when watcing action movies or sports.

To really replicate the cinema experience, they extended the horizontal viewing angle of the “Personal 3D Viewer” to 45 degrees. This simulates a real 750-inch movie theatre screen at a virtual viewing distance of 20 metres

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