Superconductor market in 2017 and First Graphene product a flexible Touchscreen

1. In 2017, the market for superconductors will be worth approximately $8.83 billion, according to a new report.

Applications for superconductors are wide-ranging and diverse, following advancements which will see increased adoption of the technology within the medical, commercial and industrial markets. Rapid growth is expected in the emerging Asia-Pacific markets, particularly for superconducting magnetic storage systems.

Some companies working on superconductors – Zenergy Power Plc, American Superconductor Corporation, SuperPower Inc, Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies Inc, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, Furukawa Electric Co Ltd, Oxford Instruments Plc, Hyper Tech Research Inc, Superconductor Technologies Inc, Japan Superconductor Technology Inc, LS Cable Ltd and Southwire Company Inc.

2. Dr Andrea C Ferrari, a nanotechnology expert in Cambridge University’s Engineering department says flexible touchscreens will be the first use of graphene in commercial terms.

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