Amazon Will Unveil the Kindle Fire Tablet tomorrow

Techcrunch – On Wednesday morning in New York City, Amazon will unveil the Kindle Fire. It will be a 7-inch backlit display tablet that looks similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

It will use a Texas Instrument dual-core OMAP chip. This is the same chip used inside many newer Android devices.The clockspeed will probably be 1.2 GHz. This will make it significantly faster than the rival Nook Color, which uses a single core 800 MHz OMAP.

Barnes and Noble is on the verge of launching the Nook Color 2 next month.

The Nook Color 2 will also be built on top of Gingerbread, Android 2.3.
The Kindle Fire is believed to be based on Android 2.1.

The Nook Color 2 is expected to retail for the same $250 that the current Nook Color does (and the original one may drop to $200), the pricing of the Kindle Fire is a bit of a mystery right now. Originally, we were told it would be the same $250. But there have also been whispers floating around that it could be $300. Amazon Prime might be included in some bundles.

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