Carnival of Nuclear Energy 69

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 69 is up at Atomic Power Review

Idaho Samizdat reports that China has restarted progress on their nuclear program

After five months China has mostly completed the safety inspections of its 11 GWe of nuclear energy plants. Work will resume on on the start of construction of new nuclear power stations. China temporarily suspended its nuclear new build on March 16, 2011.

The Chinese government may scale back the size of its new build up to 2020 but would continue the overall plans afterward. Last year China announced it would build the equivalent of 80 1,000 MW nuclear power plants. Now China’s National Energy Administration is saying it will complete an additional 30 GW of plants by 2015, and an additional 28 reactors in the next decade, for a total new build of about 70 GW.

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