Jim Rogers, commodities and finance guru, says world is worse off than in 2008

Jim Rogers gave his opinion about the current world financial problems

* Rogers noted he would own the U.S. dollar, or the Swiss Franc, or agriculture.

* China is doing their best to cool things off … I expect them to continue to do it, and that is causing more slowdown around the world.

* “At least in 2008 there was the possibility that the governments could bail us out. Now, of course, the governments have gotten deep, deep, deep into debt themselves,” he added. “Everybody is in much worse shape.”

Barrons – Commodities investor Jim Rogers was on CNBC Wednesday arguing that the Swiss National Bank made ”a huge mistake” by deciding to limit the franc’s appreciation against the euro.

The Chinese yuan (CYB) is probably the best safe-haven currency now, he added. The dollar is probably also a good bet in the short-term, but the “absolute worse” over the longer-term, said Rogers.

Last month, he said that stocks weren’t a good play generally and that a “supercycle” in commodities will last longer than any previous bull market of its kind. He believes commodities have another 20-25 years of upside left to run.

* right now China is trying to get the Europeans to let them open up the trade with China more. The Europeans are saying no, so China is saying, ‘No, we won’t bail you out.'”

* “I hope the trade war doesn’t break out” because throughout history when it does it has “caused depressions,” Rogers added. “You saw what happened in the 1930s. It led to depression and it also led to war. So I hope it can be contained.”

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