Lawrenceville Plasma Physics completes Dense Plasma Focus Fusion upgrade reassembly

In early August, the LPP research team—Eric Lerner, Aaron Blake, Derek Shannon and Fred Van Roessel, ably reinforced by visiting Kansas State University graduate students Mohamed Ismail and Amgad Mohamed, completed the re-assembly of the FF-1 upgrade.

The upgrade, which involved reinforcing insulation on the device’s transmission plates and around its switches, prepared it for firing up to 45 kV. With the advice and design help of LPP contractor John Thompson in San Diego, the team came up with and implemented a half dozen ways to make the Mylar plastic sheets that insulate the current more effective. Re-assembly was completed only nine days after we received the last parts from machinists.

August 27, 2011 the team fired 11 shots with the upgraded system

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