More Details on Holographic Radar

Here is a 20 page presentation Holographic radar brings a new dimension to sensing and instrumentation on T and E ranges Collision avoidance, wind farms and scoring

Holographic radar implements Skolnik’s vision of Ubiquitous Radar
* Holographic Radar looks continuously at a whole volume of space (rather than scanning).
* It acquires fully sampled amplitude and phase information from every object within the volume.
* It provides range, azimuth, elevation and Doppler information for every detected object.
* Tracking algorithms discriminate moving targets and clutter.
* Clutter is removed without loss of sensitivity.
* Practical holographic radar is possible in the modern day due to the availability of high-power processor devices at reasonable cost.

Wind farm infill radar

CH-InFill is a holographic radar located at or near a wind farm to generate local, high-resolution, 3D infill data

* Range up to 13km / 43,000ft
* Reporting rate 3-10Hz
* It sees through and around the turbines without disruption

Holographic radar is the best you can do in very cluttered environments
* Target and clutter separation
–Continuously gather signals from a large volume of space
–Fully sampled amplitude and phase data from every target
–Separate targets of interest from clutter through tracking processes
*Applications in collision avoidance, PSR infill, scoring, through-wall, asset protection, border monitoring, other…
* LSTS system under development
–5” and 50 cal projectiles
–Land and sea surface targets
–Proof of Concept sea trials underway

There has been shell tracking radar for a while like the COBRA system

The COBRA is a modular, mobile fire-finder radar designed to locate enemy artillery units through analysis of shell trajectory. It can locate mortars, rocket launches and howitzers with pinpoint accuracy relaying safely and rapidly critical information to battlefield commanders. In addition, the COBRA radar system provides prediction of shell impact points, adjustment of friendly firing, battlefield intelligence, and jamming data.

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