Palestinian UN statehood bid

telegraph UK has detailed coverage of the Palestinian UN statehood bid.

This bit of analysis from foreign correspondent Alex Spillius at the UN:

Tony Blair et al are right to say that a resolution at the UN won’t deliver a state to the Palestinians, but that sort of misses the point. The PLO is gambling that a vote at the UN – either in the Security Council or the General Assembly – will increase the pressure on Israel to negotiate the borders of a future Palestine based on lines Israel held before the 1967 war. It is a risk that could back fire if the US

Middle East correspondent Adrian Blomfield offers this analysis:

By turning to the UN, Mr Abbas is challenging US leadership of the peace process and that by internationalising it, his people hope that future talks will be conducted on a more equitable basis.

Ynetnews – Responding to Abbas’ fiery anti-Israel speech, PM Netanyahu tells UN General Assembly Palestinians want state without peace; ‘Israel has extended its hand in peace from the moment it was established,’ he says

Full Transcript of Netanyahu Speech at UN

Abbas Speech fact check of the Abbas speech

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