Purdue works to make skyscraper construction 10% faster

Purdue researchers are perfecting a new technique that could speed construction of skyscrapers while also providing enough stiffness and strength to withstand earthquakes and forces from high winds. The project aims to develop a new kind of “core wall,” a vertical spine that runs through the center of skyscrapers.

“The intent of our project is to be able to construct the core wall system much faster than the traditional system,” said Bowman, a professor of civil engineering. “If you were doing a 40- to 50-story building, you might save three to four months of construction time.

The normal construction time in the United States for a 50 story building is aboutabout 4 years. So 3-4 months cuts that down by about 10%.

China’s Broad Group is working to develop factory mass produced skyscrapers that can be assembled on site in 6 days for 15 stories, two weeks for 30 stories and 30 days for 60 stories and 60 days for 120 stories and 120 days for 200 stories

China’s Broad Groups system would be about 30 to 50 times faster than what Purdue is working towards.

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