Upcoming Rossi Energy Catalyzer Tests and more product information

1. The 27 KW units that make up the 1 megawatt e-cat system have multiple core modules

Questions on the ecat discussion forum and Rossi’s answers

The 27MW e-cats are single core or do they have multiple cores? Multiple

I was surprised by the weight (80kg) of the latest e-cats, did you increase the thickness of the lead shield? Yes

Mats Lewan says self sustained mode can last up to 30 min and then needs some 10 mins of input power to keep reaction going, is it exactly like that or can it last any longer? Longer

2. PESN – Many scientists will be present during the test of the one megawatt plant, along with representatives from the company that is purchasing the one megawatt unit. The location of the test is not yet known, because Rossi has stated the moment someone learns where the test will be held, the identity of the well-known, big-name partner company would be easy to figure out. This test should prove to the world once and for all that the technology works as claimed. Also, the test will stream live on the internet, and will include a live feed of a power meter measuring the input power.

It has also been revealed that along with the one megawatt plant, a 5 kW E-Cat heater for use in homes will be demonstrated and tested. This device will not directly heat water, but will utilize a closed system in which water is phase changed into steam and then reused. The heat from this closed system will be transmitted through a heat exchanger that will then heat water for the home. Andrea Rossi recently mentioned a test he has performed on such a system that produced 9 kilowatts of excess output.

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