Comparing China and India

The Economist magazine compares India and China over 13 metrics. China is far ahead on most of the statistical comparisons with longer life expectancy, more literacy and a better economy.

The most recent 2011 Indian census statistics show an improvement in the literacy rate to 74% in India.

China’s hidden economy adds another 25% to the official GDP numbers.

China’s households hide as much as 9.3 trillion yuan ($1.4 trillion, 2010) of income that is not reported in official figures, with 80 percent accrued by the wealthiest people according to a Credit Suisse Equities Research Study

* the money is mostly illegal or quasi-illegal equates to about 30 per cent of China’s gross domestic product
* The average urban disposable household income in China is 32,154 yuan (2010), or 90 percent more than official figures

The University of Pennsylvania has adjusted the purchasing power parity GDP numbers for both countries

China is estimated at 11.3 to 11.6 trillion (2009).
India is estimated at 4.15 trillion (2009).

China has grown by about 20% from 2009 and would be 13.5 to 13.9 trillion.
India has grown by about 16% from 2009 and would be nearly 5 trillion.

India’s 2011 census provisional results

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