Dr. George Miley Replicates Patterson, Names Rossi

Ecat site – Long-time cold fusion researcher Dr. George Miley, affiliate professor at the University of Illinois, has recently released a report documenting his successful replication of the work of cold fusion pioneer James Patterson. Dr. Miley feels that the work of Mr. Patterson and Andrea Rossi have many similarities and has offered a theory that is felt to cover both. Dr. Miley recently spoke at the World Green Energy Synopsium in Philadelphia, PA from October 19-21, 2011. A Microsoft Power Point presentation was released on October 3 documenting his work and experimental results. I have included a slide show of this presentation below. Please note that such presentations usually serve as a guide to an accompanying lecture, of which I do not have access to at the present time. I will post it if and when it becomes available

Here is the link to the 56 page powerpoint presentation – Nuclear Battery Using D-Clusters in Nano-materials — plus some comments about prior H2-Ni power cell studies

Excess heats of 1-2 kW were consistently produced with the Patterson cells. How? Light water and Ni should not produce a reaction!! The next slides explain my search for an answer. I propose that similar studies should be done for rossi’s cell.

Rational for Combined SIMS-NAA

Analysis for a large number of isotopes needed.
NAA is time consuming and was limited to nine elements with appropriate cross sections where reference standards were available.
SIMS, with ultra low detection limits, could detect all isotopes rapidly, but it provides relative isotope concentrations and abundance ratios are more precisely than it does absolute concentrations.
Thus the SIMS concentration values were normalized to the more accurate NAA results.

There is some discussion that he not getting the kilowatts that Patterson was claiming I hear from attendees that Miley is getting about 300 watts of thermal power without inputting any energy.

George Miley has worked on all kinds of nuclear fusion and headed the nuclear fusion department at the University of Illinois. He is a far more respectable source and researcher than Rossi.

Here is information on the Patterson cell

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