List of 100 Year Starship Symposium Presentations

Centauri Dreams – List of 100 Year Starship Symposium presentations

There is an eight page 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium
The final agenda is online

The 16 page 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium Program

Presentations of those associated with Tau Zero:

* E. Davis, “Faster-Than-Light Space Warps, Status and Next Steps”
* K. Denning, “Inertia of Past Futures” (anthropology)
* P. Gilster, “The Interstellar Vision: Principles and Practice”
* G. Landis, “Plasma Shield for an Interstellar Vehicle”
* C. Maccone, “Sun Focus Comes First, Interstellar Comes Second (Mission concept)”
* J. Maclay, “Role of the Quantum Vacuum in Space Travel”
* G. Matloff, “Light Sailing to the Stars”
* M. Millis, “Space Drive Physics, Intro and Next Steps”
* M. Millis, “Cockpit Considerations for Inertial Affect and FTL Propulsion”
* R. Noble, “Small Body Exploration Technologies as Precursors for Interstellar Robotics”
* S. White, “Warp Field Mechanics 101”

Papers and presentations from the Icarus team at the Starship Symposium:

* J. Benford, “Recent Developments in Interstellar Beam-Driven Sails”
* B. Cress, “Icarus Interstellar’s New Icarus Institute for Interstellar Sciences”
* A. Crowl, J. Hunt, “How an Embryo Space Colonization (ESC) Mission Solves the Time-Distance Problem”
* J.R. French, “A Review of the Daedalus Main Propulsion System”
* R. Freeland, “Fission-Fusion Hybrid Fuel for Interstellar Propulsion”
* P. Galea, “Machine Learning and the Starship: A Match Made in Heaven”
* A. Hale, “Exoplanet Studies for Potential Icarus Destination Stars”
* A. Hein, “Technology, Society and Politics in the Next 100-300 Years: Implications for Interstellar Flight”
* A. Hein, K. Long, “Exploratory Research for an Interstellar Mission: Technology Readiness, Stakeholds and Research Sustainability”
* R. Obousy, “A Review of Interstellar Starship Designs”
* R. Obousy, “A 21st Century Interstellar Starship Study”
* M. Stanic, “Fusion Propulsion Comparison”
* R. Swinney, “Initial Considerations in Exploring the Interstellar Roadmap”
* R. Swinney, “Navigational and Guidance Requirements of an Interstellar Spacecraft”
* A. Tziolas, “Long Term Computing”
* A. Tziolas, “ Starflight Academy: Education in Interstellar Engineering”

A Synopsis of a January workshop

Milestones Brainstorming & Initial Discussion:

– In less than five years:
o Prove other Earths exist
o Social involvement to create a world view of hope
o Blockbuster movie (grossing more than $500M) that provokes public involvement and imagination
o 100-Year Starship organization: create a credible organization plan, pursue endorsements
o 100-Year Starship organization: 100 high-profile supporters of the 100-Year Starship goals in a public advertisement

– In less than ten years:
o Land humans on Mars
o Communication via quantum entanglement (faster-than-light communication)
o Generation of life from computer code, without cellular systems
o Development of ability to sink carbon (i.e., green or recycling efforts) on Earth faster than we’re creating it (with implications for “terraforming” other rocky planets or moons)

– In less than 20 years:
o Image of another ‘close Earth’
o Telepresent probe on the surface of Europa
o Capability to discover non-Earth-based life

– In less than 25 years
o Bounce a signal off an exoplanet

– In less than 30 years:
o Non-propellant satellite to Oort Cloud

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