List of 100 Year Starship Symposium Presentations

Centauri Dreams – List of 100 Year Starship Symposium presentations

There is an eight page 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium
The final agenda is online

The 16 page 100 Year Starship™ Study Public Symposium Program

Presentations of those associated with Tau Zero:

* E. Davis, “Faster-Than-Light Space Warps, Status and Next Steps”
* K. Denning, “Inertia of Past Futures” (anthropology)
* P. Gilster, “The Interstellar Vision: Principles and Practice”
* G. Landis, “Plasma Shield for an Interstellar Vehicle”
* C. Maccone, “Sun Focus Comes First, Interstellar Comes Second (Mission concept)”
* J. Maclay, “Role of the Quantum Vacuum in Space Travel”
* G. Matloff, “Light Sailing to the Stars”
* M. Millis, “Space Drive Physics, Intro and Next Steps”
* M. Millis, “Cockpit Considerations for Inertial Affect and FTL Propulsion”
* R. Noble, “Small Body Exploration Technologies as Precursors for Interstellar Robotics”
* S. White, “Warp Field Mechanics 101”

Papers and presentations from the Icarus team at the Starship Symposium:

* J. Benford, “Recent Developments in Interstellar Beam-Driven Sails”
* B. Cress, “Icarus Interstellar’s New Icarus Institute for Interstellar Sciences”
* A. Crowl, J. Hunt, “How an Embryo Space Colonization (ESC) Mission Solves the Time-Distance Problem”
* J.R. French, “A Review of the Daedalus Main Propulsion System”
* R. Freeland, “Fission-Fusion Hybrid Fuel for Interstellar Propulsion”
* P. Galea, “Machine Learning and the Starship: A Match Made in Heaven”
* A. Hale, “Exoplanet Studies for Potential Icarus Destination Stars”
* A. Hein, “Technology, Society and Politics in the Next 100-300 Years: Implications for Interstellar Flight”
* A. Hein, K. Long, “Exploratory Research for an Interstellar Mission: Technology Readiness, Stakeholds and Research Sustainability”
* R. Obousy, “A Review of Interstellar Starship Designs”
* R. Obousy, “A 21st Century Interstellar Starship Study”
* M. Stanic, “Fusion Propulsion Comparison”
* R. Swinney, “Initial Considerations in Exploring the Interstellar Roadmap”
* R. Swinney, “Navigational and Guidance Requirements of an Interstellar Spacecraft”
* A. Tziolas, “Long Term Computing”
* A. Tziolas, “ Starflight Academy: Education in Interstellar Engineering”

A Synopsis of a January workshop

Milestones Brainstorming & Initial Discussion:

– In less than five years:
o Prove other Earths exist
o Social involvement to create a world view of hope
o Blockbuster movie (grossing more than $500M) that provokes public involvement and imagination
o 100-Year Starship organization: create a credible organization plan, pursue endorsements
o 100-Year Starship organization: 100 high-profile supporters of the 100-Year Starship goals in a public advertisement

– In less than ten years:
o Land humans on Mars
o Communication via quantum entanglement (faster-than-light communication)
o Generation of life from computer code, without cellular systems
o Development of ability to sink carbon (i.e., green or recycling efforts) on Earth faster than we’re creating it (with implications for “terraforming” other rocky planets or moons)

– In less than 20 years:
o Image of another ‘close Earth’
o Telepresent probe on the surface of Europa
o Capability to discover non-Earth-based life

– In less than 25 years
o Bounce a signal off an exoplanet

– In less than 30 years:
o Non-propellant satellite to Oort Cloud

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