New Energy Times has Defense Threat Reduction Agency Report on LENR

On Dec. 12, 2006, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency held a meeting in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, to review several controversial areas of research. Low-energy nuclear reactions were among those topics

The 57 page report is here


Low-energy nuclear reactions are showing some remarkable progress with respect to energy (excess heat) production and transmuted element detection, but experiments remain only thinly reproducible. LENR also suffers from a basic lack of understanding of the governing physics.

There is also a compelling need for a theory that can explain production rates and lead to specific electrode treatments and electrolyte compositions and predictions of reaction power, energy and products. The Widom[-Larsen] theoretical construct appears promising but lacks robust experimental verification and rigorous peer review.

The polarizing history of LENR is a detriment to expanding research efforts, and it seems unlikely that deployable/useable devices could be expected within a five- to ten-year horizon.

Since 2006 no deployable/useable devices were deployed. It has been five years since the report.

It remains to be seen if nothing gets deployed over the next five years.

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