Nextbigfuture Article Focus of a Whitehouse Online Petition on the Whitehouse site

There is a petition on the Whitehouse (actual United States Whitehouse site) which refers to this site Nextbigfuture.

The Petition needs 5000 signatures by October 23, 2011. The White House plans to respond to each petition that crosses the signature threshold. To cross the first threshold and be searchable within it must have over 150 signatures and this petition reached that level one day after this post. a petition must reach 150 signatures within 30 days. You have to register to vote for a Whitehouse online petition.

NOTE – the Official responses will be posted at this link. It basically means that some Whitehouse staff will write the official position of the administration and post it online. SO the 150 signature level and the 5000 signature level would increase the visibility of the point of view of the petition on the White House website. In this case the petition has the link to this site so it increases the visibility of link to this site. In the comments, someone was worried about Shale Gas etc… This process will not lead to any major policy change unless it was the first in twenty steps. It is mainly useful as simple litmus test if a position can get very basic levels of support.

To Email the petition link

Email this link to your friends and family:

Educate the Public Regarding Nuclear Power.

This petition is a response to the “End taxpayer subsidies for new nuclear reactors” petition.

Due to the manufactured controversy that is the nuclear reactor meltdown in Fukushima, Japan, perpetuated by a scientifically illiterate news media, the public is unnecessarily hostile to nuclear power as an energy source.

To date nobody has died from the accident and Fukushima, and nuclear power has the lowest per Terawatt hour death toll of any energy source known to man:

The Obama administration should take better strides to educate the public regarding this important energy source.

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