OECD energy statistics for July 2011

IEA has reported the energy statistics for July 2011 for the OECD

For the year to date, nuclear generation is down 2.5% or about 15 Terawatt hours for the OECD. For July it was down about 10 Terawatt hours for the same month in 2010. For the remaining 5 months the expectation would be similar monthly deficiency. The OECD should have nuclear energy generation that is down 65 Terawatt hours versus 2010.

The Non-OECD countries (India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, etc…) will probably have higher nuclear power generation but not enough to offset the OECD shortfall. This is in regards to a nuclear generation bet that the world will generate 2600 TWH in 2011.

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