Offtopic- What if Relationship advice columns used fake letters with the plots of TV shows or movies ?

While reading Instapundit there was a reference to Rich Guy vs Nice guy at Dear Wendy

I was casually dating a guy — nothing really serious because he’s wealthy and so he’s always partying and I didn’t want to deal with all of the stress that I thought would come with trying to be exclusive with him. I saw him every other weekend or so, and our visits were usually booze-filled ones in Vegas or Hollywood. He really “got” me, and we felt like partners in crime, but things never got past the “lovers and friends” stage because I never let it feel like even a possibility, and he was always playing the aloof, fun guy. We were good for a good time, we both had exactly no expectations.

The, about six months ago, I met someone and totally fell hard. Rich Guy was travelling all the time, we weren’t exclusive, and it just happened. He was the nicest, most honest and loving guy I’d ever met and I felt like I’d won the lottery. Things were amazing for a few months. Unfortunately, every now and again, I’d get in touch with Rich Guy and my boyfriend would find out every time. He’d be obviously very upset and I’d promise to never do it again, only to give Rich Guy a call again a few weeks later.

This letter from a “real person” is an anonymized summary of the plot of the TV Show Sex in the City from Season 3 and 4. Rich Guy is the character Big and Nice guy is the character Aidan. The “letter writer” is Carrie. There were over 140 comments giving advice on the relationship.

How would you write up other TV show or movie plots into letters for relationship advice sites ?

Start with TV show or movie love triangles.
Give the characters a classic relationship type.

Business owner versus Doctor.
Sam is boss at work/business owner.
Frasier is a doctor.
Letter writer is Diane.

Summarize the relationship love triangle plot dilemma.
I had a relationship with my boss at work who also owns the business. Then I met this doctor…

Bad boy vs farm boy.
Luke is the farm boy.
Han in the bad boy.
Letter writer is Leia.

Summarize the relationship love triangle plot dilemma.
This farm boy swept me off my feet, by saving me when I going through a lot of trouble in my life. I was feeling trapped in an abusive relationship. He came into my life and rescued me. Then I met this bad boy who was a pilot…

It could be interesting to just have a relationship advice column with just letters made up of anonymized TV and movie relationship plots.

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