Petrobank still developing THAI fire flooding process

Whitesands is a wholly owned operating company holding, dedicated to developing Petrobank’s heavy oil and oil sands assets using our patented THAI® technology.

Whitesands has a 100 percent working interest in over 46,000 acres of oil sands leases in northern Alberta. We are currently in the final stages of regulatory approval.

The initial May River facility is located approximately two kilometers from our existing Conklin demonstration project and will be built in modules so that it can easily be scaled to as much as 100,000 bopd. Phase I will have a design capacity of 10,000 bopd from 18 THAI® well-pairs, each producing upgraded bitumen.

There is a March 6, 2012 hearing about the May River project which is supposed to start in 2012

The Toe Heal Air Injection process has the possibility of radically lowering the cost and increasing the scale of oilsand recovery.

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