Reports on the Rossi 1 MW October 28, 2011 test

Link to a 2.9 MB zip file with the report on the Rossi energy catalyzer test of October 28, 2011

Mats Lewan – Ny Teknik report

Half a megawatt thermal power in self sustained mode, for over five hours. That’s what Andrea Rossi obtained with his E-cat plant on Friday, according to his customer. The question now is who the customer was.

At about quarter past ten on Friday October 28, the test of Andrea Rossi’s heat plant, potentially producing one megawatt, was initiated in an industrial hangar in Bologna.

The plant consisted of more than 100 ‘energy catalyzers’ – Rossi’s invention that possibly produces heat from a hitherto unknown nuclear reaction – connected in parallel.

According to the customer’s controller, Domenico Fioravanti, the plant released 2,635 kWh during five and a half hours of self sustained mode, which is equivalent to an average power of 479 kilowatts – just under half the promised power of one megawatt.

Here is a translated 22passi report of the October 28 test.

Partial list of people in attendance-

1. Henry Billi – nuclear physicist
2. Reymond Zreick – Focus magazine journalist
3. Irene Zreick – Focus magazine journalist
4. Mats Lewan – Ny Teknik magazine journalist
5. Paul – Director of Radio Cape Town
6. Sterling Allan – Director PENS (Pure Energy Systems Network)
7. Peter Swensson – Associated Press reporter
8. George Welcome – Associated Press photographer
9. Daniele Passerini – 22 steps bloggers
10. Pier Clauzon – CNAM Paris engineer
11. Irina Uzikova – National Research Nuclear University engineer in Moscow
12. Joseph Levi – physical (observer University of Bologna)
13. Loris Ferrari – physical (observer University of Bologna)
14. David Bianchini – expert in radiation protection
15. Guandalini Julian – Director EON Ltd.
16. Andrea Rossi
17. the brother of Andrea Rossi
18. the grandson of Andrea Rossi
19. Magdalene Pascucci
20. Madeleine’s mother Pascucci
21. Domenico Fioravanti – test engineers and testers of the system
22. Andrea De Vita – physical Ansaldo Energia
23. Italian, scientific advisor of an industrial group (has asked not to be reported)
24. Italian, scientific advisor of an industrial group (has asked not to be reported)
25. Italian, scientific advisor of an industrial group (has asked not to be reported)
26. talian, scientific advisor of an industrial group (has asked not to be reported)
27. Swedish (?)
28. Swedish (?)
29. Swedish (?)

At the end of the test are able to get off records the impressions of some of them: one said “we have gone from being a little ‘cold to a warm and much more amazing,” another said that “all cases of fraudulence is exceeded “even had doubts that the technology is already ripe for industrialization, in any case believed that it represented the industry would consider the idea of ​​investing on the development of E-Cat.

Let me explain quickly set up, that both will soon be described by Sterling and Mats of Pesne Ny Teknik of detail. There were two water tanks next to each other, at a guess of 1 cubic meter each (for a total of about 2000 liters of water), without the top (ie open) and communicating with each other. The basis of these two pipelines were leaving the tank water through the modules in the container. Were conducted on these gauges and flow meters.

The steam coming out from the container through a big pipe (I would say about 20-30 cm in diameter) and was conveyed to two large sinks, unseen behind screens of plywood, making a lot of noise.

Sinks from the steam condensed back into water in the tanks via two pipelines.

The measurement of temperatures was through two probes, immersed in a water tank, the other inserted in the conduct of the vapor just outside the container.

The energy was supplied by a generator set (I was told) 350 kW.

I think it was this nice friendly atmosphere, to ensure that the end Rossi opened the door to all the supporters who watched the test from a distance, a really nice gesture.

Tomorrow will add to this post links to the various reports and video out or go out on the web.

I do not care that the customer is obvious, just be true that today’s demonstration has convinced him, possibly to become a business partner of Rossi in the development of this technology, with the money of the sale contract with the Red UniBO active and open – at last – the chapter of scientific research on the E-Cat. It seems that it will.

I am increasingly certain that 2012 will be seriously out of this world of what we know now. The new one will be much better.

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