Rossi’s E-Cat Commercialization Plans for November and Beyond

1. Ecatworld summarizes Rossi’s latest remarks, the first products to go to market are going to be the 1 MW plants (or variants thereof) which will be suitable for industrial applications; initially it seems they will be used mainly for providing heat to factories.

Rossi has mentioned that he has been working on developing a small model of the E-Cat suitable for household heating, but says now that there are still “issues to be resolved” with this unit and that “it will be a matter of one year”.

Rossi most likely meant to say he plans to sell “several tens” of plants (understandable English error). If this is the case we could conceive that could be selling “at least” 40-100 of these E-Cat plants next year, which for a startup operation is quite impressive.

2. Ny Teknik (Swedish science news)has more analysis of the Rossi e-cat test from Oct 6, 2011

Three extensive analyses have been made of data from the test of Andrea Rossi’s E-cat on October 6. Two point to a clearly anomalous heat production, while the third leaves the question open.

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