AcuFocus KAMRA Inlay to correct near sightedness without bifocals

The AcuFocus KAMRA inlay is a thin, opaque ring perforated with 8,400 micro-holes to provide for nutrient transport. When placed in the cornea, the small-aperture technology of the inlay provides increased depth-of-focus and improved near visual acuity while maintaining good distance visual acuity.


* Presbyopia is the clinical term for the loss of near vision
* Affects us all by the time we are in our 40s to 50s
* Over time, the eye’s natural lens becomes too stiff to focus up close
* Words and other nearby objects become blurry

When placed in the cornea, the small opening in the center of the KAMRA inlay blocks unfocused light and only allows focused light to reach the retina. With focused light rays, you can enjoy a wider range of improved vision for all distances – near, far and in between. The small-aperture technology is a superior alternative to options that use a multi-focal approach.

This microscopic ring has nearly ten years of research and development behind it. Furthermore, the KAMRA inlay received CE mark in 2005 and is now available in Europe, Asia and South America.

PresbyLasik is another alternative to fixing near sightedness.

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