After the Energy Catalyzer test with Rossi

On October 28th of 2011, Sterling Allan, the founder of PESN, attended the test of the world’s first one megawatt, E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) cold fusion reactor. After the successful test, he attended a gathering in which the inventor, Andrea Rossi read the official public report about the test, and answered the questions of those who attended.

Mr. Sonya of has asked me if I think that the test of today is a breakthrough. I think yes because I think today we have seen enough.. no more small five or ten kilowatt unit, but we now have overcame the disconnected with the engineering to make something… to go in self sustaining mode and make 400 kilowatt hour per hour, to understand that this is a breakthrough you can also think that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to try and have a COP of 1.1 with hot nuclear fusion. Today we have made a theoretically endless COP, maybe 400 and something. 470 kilowatt hour per hour, totally free energy, free of fuel. Of course this is the first step, but a very important first step. Because now we are not looking at the plant from the top to the bottom, but the bottom to the high.

The miniaturization of the system I think is possible. We had plenty of space we did not utilize today. So it is possible. This is another line to put in our research. Yes, the miniaturization is possible. I am not probably…. the path will be more of certification and authorization kind than technological kind. Of course you think miniaturization will make it easy to apply to any kind of system, but mainly household or mainly layman systems. I think that the difficulty in this sense will be more of the authorization kind. But in any case, yes I think there is plenty of space to be reduced.

So at this point we made 479 kilowatt hours per hour, which is pretty short of one megawatt hours per hour. But it is very important that this work has been made completely without energy input, so the COP theoretically is endless.

Description of the installation. The one megawatt Energy Catalyzer is an assembly of 107 modules… I already read this in English.

Even if the catalyzer is made of 107 modules of 10 kilowatts each, we have worked with about 4 or five kilowatts of power each instead of ten. This sacrifice has been necessary to go full time with self sustaining mode. All of the modules have sat in a container made from steel as you have seen… and the assembly is commanded by a control panel supply with necessary software and necessary conference…. etc.

All the compliments resorted to be valid from a preliminary check. Did I mention the container length of five meters with two point five meters, weight declared by the manufacturer at ten tons. Noise emissions below fifty dba at five meters from the plant of course not considering the dissapator fans.

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