Brian Josephson who supports cold fusion asks Rossi to do a scientific test wtih UK Energy Department

Brian Josephson, Nobel prize winner for physics in 1973, highlights the UK energy department (DECC) interest in Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat and invites the inventor to reconsider the idea of a scientific test.

Previously in June, 2011, Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson who is Emeritus Professor of Physics, and Judith Driscoll Professor of Materials Science, both at Cambridge University provided support for Rossi’s work in a video (which is below).

Dear Andrea,
It appears that the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), unlike its US counterpart, has an open mind regarding your reactor, and acting upon Francesco Celani’s suggestion from the Focus magazine’s pages is likely to have a beneficial outcome by dispelling any doubts they may have. Is not the likelihood of endorsement from an institution such as the DECC of interest to you?
Regards, Brian Josephson

Free Energy Truth reports – DECC is aware of this alleged power source: the DECC CSA, David MacKay FRS, has read some of the literature and has met Sven Kullander, who has reviewed an experiment and whose report is on the Defkalion website. The CSA’s judgment is that it is appropriate for DECC to maintain a watch on this sector, with the key trigger for further action being the publication of the work in a reputable peer-refereed journal, including full details so that academic scientists can replicate the results.

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