Chung-lie Wang

Chung-lie Wang passed away October 30, 2011. He was 86. He was born in Qichun Hubei on Qizhou Town Long Street. It was a street which produced nearly a hundred PhDs, and thus known as “Dr. Street.”

He had a B. S. (Taiwan), M. A. (So. Carolina), M.S., Ph. D. (Rutgers).

He lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada for over 30 years and over twelve years in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is survived by and was married for 48 years to Caroline Wang.

He was a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Regina, Canada for over 25 years and also taught for several years in Taiwan. He taught advanced calculus and researched inequalities.

Some of his 300 papers were:
An extension of Bellman inequality and variants of the Holder inequality, Refinements of the Mathieu , extension of the Bernoulli inequality, A unified approach to continuous and discrete gronwall-bellman inequalities and On Development of Inverses of the Cauchy and Hölder Inequalities.

His life was dedicated to education, mathematics, and a healthy and happy
family. His three children are each married and there are seven grandchildren.

There was an article (written in chinese in 2006) written in appreciation of Chung-lie Wang by those who appreciated his teaching and research in Taiwan.

Google translate has several flaws in its translation.

Chung-lie Wang helped thousands of students in Canada and Taiwan.

The funeral service was at Forest Lawn Funeral Home in Burnaby, BC on November 4.