Dwave Systems who make commercial quantum computers have a developer portal and develop tutorials

Dwave has sold a $10 million 128 qubit quantum computer systems and services to Lockheed and will also install another system at USC Currently the devPortal is being tested within D-Wave, however they are hoping to open it up to many developers in a staged way within the next year. Dwave should have 512 qubit systems by the end of 2012.

A few tutorials are already available for everyone on the portal. These are intended to give a simple background to programming the quantum systems in advance of the tools coming online. New tutorials will be added to this list over time. If you’d like to have a look you can find them here: Developer Tutorials

In the future we hope that we will be able to grow the community to include competitions and prizes, programming challenges, and large open source projects for people who are itching to make a contribution to the fun world of quantum computer programming.

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