Latest statements from Rossi on his plans for the energy catalyzer

Ecat World summarizes recent Andrea Rossi energy catalyzer comments from The Journal of Nuclear Physics site

1. Leonardo Corporation will be the sole manufacturers of the E-Cat reactors. Until now these reactors have been made by hand, but Rossi has said this process will be automated. Rossi has mentioned having plants or offices in Miami, Boston and Manchester, NH.

2. Outsourcing will be done for other components.

3. 10 per cent of pre-tax profits will be spent on research and development.

4. Leonardo Corporation will have employees who will recharge the units on site, and spent reactors will be returned to treatment units which will be located strategically for regeneration. This policy and service is a Rossi attempt to keep the secrets of the units for a longer time. However, groups could still buy the units and then perform the testing needed to determine what is happening when no one is on site.

5. Leonardo Corporation will possibly eventually become a public company. About this, Ross has said “Probably we will sell shares to allow everybody to participate to this enterprise. But before this we have to consolidate our manufacturing and commercial system.”

6. While production of the 1 MW plants is already underway, it appears that Rossi’s priorities are to produce home heating units and electrical generator — both of which he estimates will take two years to achieve. He also says he has a ‘duty’ to use E-Cats for desalination — which his technology is ready for now.

If this is real, Rossi knows that copying is inevitable.

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