OECD energy statistics for August 2011

IEA reports energy usage in the OECD from January through August 2011

OECD Nuclear energy production was down 9% in August 2011 versus August 2010.

Germany and Japan were way below their 2010 levels for nuclear generation because of shutdowns after the tsunami.

China recorded an 11.35 percent year-on-year rise in power consumption to 379.7 tWh in October, and power consumption in the first 10 months totaled 3,895.1 tWh, up 11.87 percent China had about 40% of the energy consumption of the OECD.

China invested 276 billion yuan ($43.53 billion) in power projects from January to October. The total included 70.8 billion yuan for hydroelectric power projects, 81.8 billion yuan for thermal power projects, 60 billion yuan for nuclear power projects and 55 billion yuan for wind power projects.

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