Wireless transmission of 30 Gbps in 3-4 years

Rohm Japan – Electronics part supplier ROHM has announced that it has achieved a wireless data transmission speed of 1.5 gigabits per second in experiments conducted with Osaka University. The technology involved the use of terahertz frequencies at 300GHz, but current plans could result in speeds of up to 30Gbps.

ROHM’s breakthrough involves the use of a new micro-antenna that integrates the oscillation device and the detection element onto the semiconductor baseplate. The company plans for mass production of the technology within the next 3-4 years. 30Gbps chips would require production using advanced lithographies, but would result in chip costs of less than $5.

Terahertz waves hitting the middle region of light and radio waves (100GHz ~ 10THz frequency) is very difficult to raise skills and technology to detect it, and was known far unexplored electromagnetic domain. In recent years, development has progressed slowly due to technological advances, such as high-speed wireless communications and security applications, are expected to be applied to various fields.

Resonant tunneling diodes (RTD) of small, highly efficient terahertz devices with integrated antenna (Which has a single element in transmit and receive functions).

Currently, up to 275GHz frequency band allocation has been determined as the radio, the bandwidth of the millimeter-wave wireless communication with a slightly narrower 7GHz, simple modulation could limit the transmission rate of about several Gbps. If you raise the data transmission rate in a limited bandwidth, it is necessary to use more complex modulation schemes was also linked to increased power consumption.

Meanwhile, in the region above 275GHz, including terahertz waves has not been determined frequency allocation, it is possible to secure more bandwidth without increasing power consumption and to speed data transmission modulation scheme simple You can. However, generators and detectors used in current terahertz (which is available in the spectrometer, for example) are large and expensive, is required a simple and compact THz devices for practical use in the field of consumer was.

This time, on a semiconductor substrate radiation efficiency by integrating with improved directional antenna structure, a smaller device (1.5mm × 3.0mm) successfully. Thank you for element, the element oscillating voltage applied to the device (300GHz frequency) acting as a region has an area that acts as the sensing element.

As the oscillation element obtained by simply applying a voltage oscillation, as the sensing element has been achieved four times higher sensitivity compared to conventional terahertz detectors.

In addition, by building your own system optimized for resonant tunneling diode modulation and demodulation, data transmission speed (1.5Gbps) is realized, also succeeded in wireless transmission of uncompressed high-definition video. Terahertz semiconductor wireless communication devices such is ※ the world’s first miniature. In the future ultra high-speed transmission is also available around 30Gbps.

Furthermore, since both can play a role in the sensing element is a single chip oscillator element, making it possible two-way communication between devices.

Currently, equivalent to four times the full HD “4K” has been developed for the home TV or projector after another, and we are increasingly high-definition television pictures. This will require a large data capacity, and strong demand for super-fast wireless technology.

This technology achieves these high-capacity high-speed data transmission, for example, when transmitting data from the server and mobile communications such capacity, the volume of data it took 10 minutes on a typical Ethernet 100Mbps But this technology (1.5Gbps) can be used to carry about 40 seconds, and the future can be reduced to just a few seconds.

In addition, the terahertz wave is transmitted through clothing and paper, has the property that they only reflects metal airport security inspection and hazardous materials mail, and quality inspection of medicines, is expected to be applied to various fields and.

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