World Fastest Internet connection will be 120 gigabits per second at Dreamhack conference

At Dreamhack in Sweden on November 24th to 27th Cisco and Telia are building the world’s fastest Internet connection with speeds of breathtaking 120 gigabits per second. DreamHack is expected to attract a record number of participants this year – about 20 000 people. With their help, the aim is to beat the world record in capacity utilization in the network – the starting point is at 16.30 on Thursday. The previous DreamHack-record was 20 gigabits.

A working group of some 50 people from Cisco, Telia and DreamHack have been working since last summer to design and build the infrastructure for world’s fastest Internet connection between Stockholm and Jönköping. All the equipment is in place and only a few test runs remain.

– It’s great to be part of building the fastest connection in the world. In addition, we now have the opportunity to test our equipment under extreme conditions. 120 gigabits is tremendously fast but data and video traffic on the Internet is growing sharply, as well as the need of broadband. DreamHack gives us a taste of the future net speeds, says Jonas Malmgren, sales manager at Cisco.

The internet connection will have a speed of 120 gigabits per second. This is almost certainly the first time such a fast connection has been set up over a distance of over 300 km (between Jönköping and Stockholm). Specifically, the connection to 750,000 people, or nearly all the inhabitants in Stockholm, can stream music simultaneously. Or you can download a movie in a 47 thousandths of a second.

– Gamers place great demands on their connectivity and by creating experiences for them through our broadband as we evolve as a company. Therefore, we are proud to offer the participants at DreamHack a world class gaming experience. Demand for broadband with faster speeds and quality are insatiable, including the increasing number of gadgets connected to the Internet. We are therefore investing 5 billion in fiber networks and this world record attempt is preparing us to remain as the user’s cutting edge technology, says Stefan Trampus, Head of Broadband Services at TeliaSonera.

The fast connection is made possible by several new technologies from Cisco and Telia. Telia is behind the fiber network while Cisco contributes to the hardware, including two CRS-3 routers that are the most powerful router with a transmission capacity of 322 out of bits per second. With this capability, it would for example be possible for all 1.3 billion Chinese to conduct a video call – simultaneously.

The total value of Cisco equipment used during DreamHack is about 45 million. In addition, Telia’s equipment in the network.

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